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AOL Webmail is a free of cost web-based email service offered by a leading communication solutions provider known as AOL. With AOL, you get an award-winning email experience that is exceptionally secure, reliable and quick. This user-friendly email service works just like any other email services but with an additional benefit of unrelenting security and intuitive features. 

Create AOL Mail Account

  1. In order to create your AOL Webmail account, you must first launch your preferred Web Browser. For instance, you can open Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Mozilla, Firefox etc. 
  2. Then, access AOL Webmail’s official website. For this, you should enter “” in the Browser’s Address Bar. Then, hit the “Enter” key.
  3. On the official website of AOL Webmail, you should look at the top right-hand side. Here, you will find a Profile icon. Hence, click on it to go to the  “Sign In” window.
  4. The following window displays a “Create Account” button on the right-hand panel. Hence, click on it to proceed.
  5. Once you have the Account Creation window, you will be prompted to provide your Profile Information. As such, you must enter the details in the respective text boxes as explained below.
    • First Name: Provide your First Name.
    • Last Name: Then, enter your Last Name.
    • Username: Now, you must type in a distinct Username. This will be used to generate the Email Address fro your AOL Webmail Account. 
    • Password: Thereafter, it requires you to set a unique and strong “Password” to secure this account. In other words, your Password must contain a unique combination of alphabets, numerical and special characters.
    • Phone Number: You can add an additional layer of security for the verification purpose by providing an active mobile number. However, this is an optional step. Hence, you can leave it empty.
    • Date Of Birth: Select your Date of Birth correctly from the drop-down menu box. This is important because you cannot create an AOL Webmail Account if your age is less than 13 years. 
    • Gender: Along with that, you have to provide optional information i.e. your Gender. This will help AOL to personalize your services.
  6. Once you have provided all these details, you should look for the links of “Terms” and “Privacy Policy”. You will find the links right above the “Continue” button. Hence, click on it one-by-one. Then carefully review both the documents.
  7. Subsequently, click on “Continue” to proceed.
  8. The next window gives you a drop-down menu box enlisting “Security Question”. This is meant to raise the security of your account by adding an additional layer. Hence, click on the drop-down button and select a preferred “Security Question”.
  9. Thereafter, you must enter the “Answer” for the selected “Security Question”.
  10. In addition to that, you must provide an alternate Email Address. AOL Webmail uses the same for Verification purpose. This completes your 3-step Verification process making it the most secured webmail service.
  11. Finally, click on the “Sign Up” button to create your AOL Webmail Account.   
  12. After that, you must verify your Email Address. For this, go to the official website for your Email Account and log in to it. Then, access the Verification Email received from AOL Webmail. Thereafter, click on the Verification link. With this, your AOL Webmail is successfully set.  

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How To Access AOL Webmail? 

  1. To begin with, launch an Internet Browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer etc. on your system.
  2. Now, go to AOL Webmail’s official website. In other words, type in “” in your Browser’s Address Bar. Then, hit “Enter”.
  3. Next, you should look for the Profile icon. For this, go to the top right-hand side of this window. Then, click on the “Login/ Join” button. 
  4. As a result, it will open the “Sign In” window. Here, you are required to provide your Login Credentials. Hence, type in your Email Address properly. It is the same Username that you entered for creating your AOL Webmail Account.
  5. Then, click on the “Next” button.
  6. After that, you must type in its corresponding “Password” correctly. Besides that ensure that the provided Password has been “typed in” accurately as it is case-sensitive.
  7.   Thereafter, select the checkbox next to the “Stay signed in” option. This will save your login credentials for easy access to your account. However, this is an optional step recommended only if you use a dedicated computer and network which is fully secure.
  8. At last, click on the “Sign In” button. With this, you will get access to an outstanding email service that takes your communication experience to the next level.